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E43 - $15


A necklace to showcase the rocks formed by volcanoes. Igneous rocks are formed by volcanic action. They are either intrinsic or extrinsic. In this necklace Delight chose to use the large petersite bead on the inner strand to represent the intrinsic igneous rocks such as granite which form below the Earth's surface.

The three red dangles central on the outer strand (and tubes throughout) are red jasper which like many minerals form when the heat and pressure of rising magma forces mineral laden water into cracks in the surrounding rock strata.  It is used here to represent the red hot lava flows.

All other beads are extrinsic in nature. They either flowed form the volcano like the black square lava rocks with little holes in them or they exploded out of the top of a volcano during eruption. The small red brown matt beads to represent cinders.



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