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Solar Delights
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Each of these 3-strand, one-of-a-kind necklaces is a representation of the Solar System. The stone beads are selected to suggest the planets, their relative sizes, colors, and characters. This necklace is strung with gold-fill heishi and findings. Solar Delights are also available with silver-plated and the molded jet heishi . Both have silver-plated findings.

The Sun is whoever wears the necklace; the planets all revolve around her!

Each necklace is sold with a tag, identifying the stones used for each planet.

On the inner (24") strand are the terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, our Earth and Moon, and Mars. Following Mars, the Asteroid Belt is suggested on the middle strand by hematite stars along with Jupiter and its 4 main moons: Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.

This first of the gas giants is followed on the last (30") strand by the other gas planets: Saturn, centered on the strand, Uranus and Neptune.  Pluto is still included to represent the dwarf planets of the Kuiper Belt.


jet heishi

silver-plate heishi


Coordinates with the Solar Delights Necklaces and shows the inner planets of our Solar System, i.e. those planets which are in Earth's neighborhood ("hood").  Bracelets are strung on memory wire and will fit any size wrist.

Eclipse Earrings - (lunar eclipse on left and solar eclipse on right). Your head is the sun.


**The tag on each necklace explains its inspiration and identifies the stones.

ALL NECKLACES COME IN A COMPLIMENTARY G1FT BOX with information about the stones I use, the Science and the lore.

EARRINGS to match all necklaces are available. They are made with French hooks unless requested otherwise.

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