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E24 - $25
(gold filled)

- $25
(gold filled with malachite/azurite earths)
Eclipse Earrings - (lunar eclipse on left and solar eclipse on right). Your head is the sun.

E44 - $20


Sorry, no longer available

Solar Delights #1
gold-filled heishi and findings

Each of these 3-strand, one-of-a-kind necklaces is a representation of the Solar System. The stone beads are selected to suggest the planets, their relative sizes, colors, and characters. This necklace is strung with gold-fill heishi and findings. Solar Delights are also available with silver-plated and the molded jet heishi . Both have silver-plated findings.

The Sun is whoever wears the necklace; the planets all revolve around her!

Each necklace is sold with a tag, identifying the stones used for each planet.

On the inner (24") strand are the terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, our Earth and Moon, and Mars. Following Mars, the Asteroid Belt is suggested on the middle strand by hematite stars along with Jupiter and its 4 main moons: Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.

This first of the gas giants is followed on the last (30") strand by the other gas planets: Saturn, centered on the strand, Uranus and Neptune.  Pluto is still included to represent the dwarf planets of the Kuiper Belt.


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