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2-way* spectrum necklace in a Fibonacci sequenced design with red jasper, carnelian, amber, malachite, turquoise, lapis, and amethyst beads, strung with sterling liquid silver.



The Water Cycle, from clouds to silver-plated rain, and back to clouds of blue lace agate, rose quartz, amethyst, gold jade, and rutilated quartz,** inspired this necklace*. Powered by the energy of the Sun, the large central carnelian bead, this cycle shows the drama of the rainy season in the Southwest.


A necklace to showcase the rocks formed by volcanoes. Igneous rocks are formed by volcanic action. They are either intrinsic or extrinsic. In this necklace both intrinsic rocks and extrinsic rocks are demonstrated.



This necklace* is inspired by the equation for the chemical reaction for photosynthesis (how plants make their food). Using aventurine, rose quartz, and hematite atoms, I made molecules of carbon dioxide, water , glucose (the plants food), and free oxygen. The necklace features a rose quartz Sun and stone leaves which act as the equal sign of this equation, which like all chemical reactions, is balanced.



Inspired by the structure of the DNA molecule which is the same for all forms of life, this necklace* is an accurate, simplified model of DNA. The paired bases are amethyst and carnelian, garnet and aventurine beads**, the sides of this ladder of life are of silver and copper beads.


This combination of choker and necklace is inspired by the atomic structure of a silver atom. Made of sterling silver, malachite and turquoise.


This combination of choker and necklace is inspired by the atomic structure of a copper atom. Made of copper, malachite and turquoise.

* All the single strand and these double strand necklaces can be worn long, 24", or as a choker, the extender becoming an anklet or bracelet.

**The tag on each necklace explains its inspiration and identifies the stones.

ALL NECKLACES COME IN A COMPLIMENTARY G1FT BOX with information about the stones I use, the Science and the lore.

EARRINGS to match all necklaces are available. They are made with French hooks unless requested otherwise.


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