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Emission Spectra Necklaces
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For more information, contact Pete at or by phone at 520.490.6634 or 520.490.1118.

These lovely necklaces created by Peter Edgell are a representation of the Emission Spectra of various elements.

In 1905 Niels Bohr, a physicist burned Hydrogen. He used a spectroscope to view the flame and it showed the pattern that has the arrangement of colors indicating that is Hydrogen. Every natural element (the first 92*) have been burned and looked at with a spectroscope. Every element has a different pattern. That is how an astronomer can look at a star and know which elements are there. It is used also in forensic pathology for a question about what substance was it that poisoned this victim. Used in archaeology to determine if, say what valley did the clay in this potsherd come from. Used in large engine maintenance when a small amount of oil is taken from the engine and run through spectroscopy. If metal spectra shows up then the engine has to be replaced.

Any element that has an emission spectra can be made as a necklace.

The emission spectra are all right at 18 inches long. The price for them is $60. The person buying the emission spectra will be given a pattern that matches the necklace. On it will be the listing of which stones are used for the necklace.

The black is onyx, purple is amethyst, darker blue is lapis , lighter blue is turquoise, green is green African jade, yellow is serpentine, light orange is red aventurine and dark orange is spiny oyster shell, red is jasper.

Any element that has an emission spectra can be made as a necklace. Enlarged samples of various elements are shown below.

* There are some 'transuranium' elements, those that are man-made (beyond Uranium), that have emission spectra. Some though have such a short half life there is no way to run spectroscopy on that element so no one knows the pattern. I got all my patterns from Penn State University Periodic Table. When one clicks on an element it will show the emission spectra pattern.







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