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Artist's Statement by Delight Edgell

Delight EdgellI come to making jewelry as a former middle school teacher. I was privileged to teach the Earth Sciences (Geology and Astronomy) and Ecology. Further exploration into the Physical and Biological Sciences has brought me emotional and spiritual satisfaction. An intense appreciation of these wonders of the Earth inspires my jewelry. The prototype of each necklace was made because I wanted one. I personally design and bead each necklace. While the three-strand stone chips and heishi necklaces are in a Native American style, I am not a Native American artist, but I have studied their arts and traditions and admired their relationship to the Earth since I was a child. I find it reassuring that modern scientific theory and Native American tradition agree that the Earth is a living organism, constantly evolving in response to its interrelated parts.

Along with a tag identifying the stones used in each piece, I include a tri-fold brochure with each purchase, telling about the stones, their properties, locations, and lore. I tell the stories of the Native American fetishes and other stone carvings I use and include a brief discussion of the Astronomy that inspires some of my designs. Once a teacher, always a teacher.JEWELRY MAKER, Delight Edgell

The stone chips and heads I use are natural stones* of good quality and as described. I tend to favor stones which are not the pure mineral, but show the matrix in which they are found and the other minerals often associated with them. I do not consider these to be impurities, but feel they give character to the stones and reflect how they are found in nature. * The small stars featured on several necklaces are fashioned from the man-made hematite, Hemalyke, which is commonly used in the trade. I do not do the lapidary work. The stones and beads are strung on beading wire, with silver-plated and gold-fill findings and tube beads. I use Sterling liquid silver.

Delight welcomes to Earthly Delights, Peter Edgell's designs. Peter, Delight's husband, was also a middle school science teacher and his designs bring his own style to enhance the jewelry inspired by the sciences.

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